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SINCE 1947

Zagliani was founded in a small workshop just outside of Milan in 1947, and is part of a group of companies whose holding company is JAB Luxury GmbH. The original workshop remains the sole locus of creation. Zagliani's understanding of precious skins is, as always, without parallel.


Its artisans, many of whom have worked exclusively for Zagliani for decades, are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. A commitment to ethical provenance and integrity determines every aspect of production, as does a devotion to beauty and lasting value. These codes have made Zagliani bags among the most covetable creations in global luxury.

Not to boast but...


Zagliani is the world's preeminent maker of luxury goods in exotic skins and leathers.


Crocodile, lizard, ostrich, python, galuchat, ayer, karung...

It uses only skins sourced from the best farms.


Its artisans are masters of traditional and leading-edge techniques. Their savoir-faire is legend and their designs are absolutely breathtaking. The bags, themselves? Irresistible. Irresistibly soft, irresistibly supple. One touch, it's over. You're in love. Forever.


Precious Skins


Nothing in the world of luxury goods is as pleasing to the touch as a Zagliani bag. Silk, cashmere, mink, not even close - the softness is indescribable. It must be experienced, carried, clutched, stroked with the finger, rubbed with the palm of the hand. This is true of every piece made by the house since it opened its doors in 1947.


Worked by skilled hands with decades of experience, Zagliani's carefully selected materials are transformed into the ultimate sensuous expressions of luxury.


Every step along the way is defined by craft and inventiveness. Traditional techniques fuse seamlessly with the latest innovations. Art, colour, contrast, ingenuity, all play their role in the creation of lasting, timeless beauty.